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What do we know all bout scalp pigmention?


Men can change their lives with a non-invasive technique called scalp micropigmentation. There is a chance that you may suffer some little discomfort during the procedure, but just as different people have varying experiences while getting a tattoo, in this instance it will depend on your tolerance for pain. In our experience, we have never had a customer request to pause or stop a session because they were in pain. On average, each treatment lasts four to five hours. People with scalp acne or other sensitive skin disorders, such psoriasis, should refrain from receiving smp men therapy while they are experiencing a flare-up or breakout. It is challenging to apply the pigment to the area in these circumstances. Alternatives to SMP should be taken into account by those who are prone to keloids, which are typical in people with darker skin tones. There isn’t a better approach to regain confidence and get the desired hairstyle and vibe. Craig has expertise as a barber, therefore he is aware of how your hairline ought to be. You’ll feel fantastic following the four suggested sessions. To ensure that you are left with the head of hair that you desire and deserve, we only use the best grade pigment and offer an unmatched aftercare service.

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If you’re a man experiencing hair loss, Craig Molyneux is the one you should see. Male hair tattoos are an excellent long-term, painless option that can either give you the appearance of having a full head of hair, add thickness and texture to thinning areas of your hair, give you a defined hairline, or conceal scarring and the affects of alopecia. Craig Molyneux has over ten years of experience working at some of Liverpool’s leading barbershops, so he is knowledgeable about what men seek in a hairline and how various faces complement various hairlines and appearances. This is crucial since SMP can look incorrect and inappropriate for the person if the hairline is chosen incorrectly. You get the idea: Every kind of male walks through their clinic’s doors.