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Calling a pest control company is the best method of eliminating these pests.

Calling a pest control company is the best method of eliminating these pests.

In a dirty, damp environment, pests thrive. Keep kitchen counters, racks, stove tops, and drawers clean to prevent pest infestation. Wipe them regularly with disinfectant cleaners. Likewise, food particles will attract more wasp sting looks like pimple if left outside in the open. While this pest control tip may not completely eradicate the pest infestation problem, it will surely reduce the number of pests in your house.

In addition to pest control, cleaning afterwards is crucial to prevent re-infestation. It is not common for apartment pest control tips to include tips and tricks for bathrooms, but they also apply to bathrooms. Your bathrooms should always be clean and dry of wasp sting looks like pimple. Use a toilet cleaner to clean the pot every alternate day. The sink should be washed at least once weekly with a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner.

wasp sting looks like pimple

The shower curtain must be dry and clean to keep moss from growing. Keep the drains free of hair and soap particles, and always cover them. These small steps will make your bathroom stay hygienic and pest-free for longer. Cleaning the drain outside your house can prevent mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria.

When you aren’t using a bathroom bucket, keep it dry. You shouldn’t keep a vessel under an air conditioner to collect water if it eliminates water. You may want to consider alternative options, such as a pipe to drain the water as soon as it reaches your house. You might also want to empty and clean your vessel daily and ensure no stagnant water in your house.