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Construction sites cannot be moist, and drying takes time

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To begin with, pool construction necessitates a dry construction site. Before crews can begin after a downpour, the earth must dry out to the point where only a trace of moisture remains. The ground must also be hard enough for large machinery, such as an excavator, to drive over without becoming engulfed in mud. You can hire Atlanta pool contractors to choose a good place.

Depending on the backyard conditions, the ground may take several days to many weeks to be ready. Local circumstances might either increase or decrease the amount of time required. For example, in sections of the country where the soil is richer in clay, water will remain in the soil for a longer period of time before evaporating. However, if the ground contains more sand, the leftover water evaporates faster.

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Assume that a week before pool building began, there was rain or melting ice or snow, both of which meant that water seeped into the ground. A week later, construction has begun, the rain has returned. Because of the current moisture in the ground, the dry-out period will be longer than it would have been if the ground had not already been damp.

On some projects with Atlanta pool contractors , the water stays usually in the deepest area of the excavation. It could take weeks for it to disappear. If this is the case, a builder will need to schedule and dispatch a crew to drain the water, and this extra step in the process may hinder the pace of building.