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Hire a Locksmith – Keep Your Options Open

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It’s a well-known fact that Locksmiths are typically employed by locksmith companies, but many of those who are self-employed charge less. A locksmith can come to your home and fix your lock or change the key for you on the spot. locksmith fort Lauderdale often carry equipment with them in their car for emergency purposes. This enables them to come when you need help fast and without delay.

Do Your Research

It is important for you to do your research before hiring someone. Unless you have had them come out previously, it’s best to ask friends and family members if they have had any experience with a locksmith. If you know anyone who has had one come out to their home or business, you can ask for their name and contact information. If this is not possible, simply look in the phone book for a locksmith as well as call any that are on the web. You can also check in the yellow pages, or even check for locksmiths on craigslist.org.

Get Insurance

locksmith fort Lauderdale

When you go with a company, be sure to get their insurance information and make sure they have general liability and worker’s compensation coverages. You never know what might happen when a locksmith comes, so it’s best to protect yourself and your belongings should something go wrong.

Get a Quote

You will want to know all the different costs associated with the service you need. Make sure they are honest and transparent and do not try to cover up the true price with any additions or extras. You can also get quotes from multiple locksmiths to see who has the best price and you can also check with your insurance company to see if they provide coverage for locksmiths in case anything goes wrong.

Request References

When you have narrowed down your list, simply call a few of their customers and ask them if they are happy with the service. You can also use the request for references template. If possible, check craigslist for anything about them that might be negative as well as check their Facebook page as some companies may have a business page. If possible, try to find out if they will be coming to your home on their own vehicle or if they use another company’s van.