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Simple or confidential documents are always necessary.

sell your house.

We don’t consider receiving some of the documents while selling a house or property. Nowadays, everyone is aware of having some important documents while selling a property. But, we forget to receive some simple documents, which will tend to create some problems while registering. Today, in this article we will look at the simple documents that need to be received while selling a property to avoid unnecessary issues. You can contact https://www.homebuyingguys.com/arizona/phoenix/ for queries.

Certificates to be received while selling or buying a house:

A buyer must be responsible for providing the necessary documents, and the buyer should make sure to receive the documents without fail. The documents include:

  1. Utility bills and tax receipts: payment receipts for registration, stamp duty, property tax, and utility bills are necessary to ensure the owner has paid the bills without dues in the past and there are no outstanding liabilities. These bills are essential for buyers while obtaining a home loan.
  2. Khata certificate: khata certificate will provide information like property dimensions, tax details, and built-up area among others. The certificate exactly describes the exact owner of the property and the property is liable for the tax. The utmost crucial document is the khata certificate for hassle-free sales. These certificates are necessary for certain states only.
  3. Patta: a legal document that is in the name of the actual owner is known as a patta. It consists of necessary information like:
  • Patta number
  • Name of the district
  • Name of the owner
  • Tax details and area of land
  • Survey number and subdivision
  • Type of land like a wetland or dry land

sell your house.

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