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The benefit of using monocouche render on your exterior by professional rendering

sell your house.

There are many types of render available to choose from, but people choose monocouche to render with https://www.proguardexteriors.co.uk/what-is-monocouche-rendering/ because of its exciting benefits.

The benefits of using monocouche rendering includes

  • Variety of color
  • Excellent installation
  • Breathable Solution
  • Fast application
  • Reduced risk of crack
  • Resistant to algae
  • Fine finish

Variety of color

Monocouche render is available in a variety of colors. The great range of colors that are created due to the pigment used in the manufacturing process, due to the color available, you don’t need to paint your home to complete the home look. https://www.proguardexteriors.co.uk/what-is-monocouche-rendering/ is an experienced service provider to make the look attractive by coloring your exterior even and consistently.

To have a fine finish on the exterior surface, you need to wait for the render to dry on its own with the required time gap. So provides it you with a beautiful finish.

Excellent insulation

When hiring a professional to install the render on your external surface. The layer of render will be about 15 mm in depth. This was first invented by the British to protect their worst weather. You can also use this to protect your home exterior from changing weather. Rendering makes your property free from climatic change disturbance.

Breathable Solution

Render helps to stop water from penetrating the walls. It can protect all possible dampness. So, you can stay happy in your home without your family and any trouble.

Fast application

The renders are applied on the brick as a layer to cover the external surface of the home. The monocouche renders benefits by applying just a single layer on the exterior and it is efficient to install it.

Reduce the risk

Renders reduce the risk of cracking on your wall. For that, you need to hire an experienced rendering service so you don’t have a crack or shrinking on your wall over years.

Resistant to algae

Rendering reduces the greenish algae that are deposited on the exterior due to weather conditions. It helps in maintaining an algae-free exterior with a non-fading color and finish.

Fine finish

The expert can provide you with a fine finish for your home using monocouche rendering.