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The main points to focus on to selling your home

sell a house

There are many things to be kept in mind before one sells their home. everyone knows it is not that easy task you think but one can do it if one followed the tips and wait with patience if not one can sell to https://www.mobilehomecashoffer.com/.

Preparation of documents for the sale of real estate

  • The list of necessary documents for the sale of a house or apartment must also be prepared in advance. The absence of even one mandatory document can disrupt or delay the deal.
  • When selling an apartment or a house, you must have the following documents:
  • title document (contract of sale, donation, privatization, certificate of inheritance, etc.);
  • if your property is under bail, arrest;
  • certificate of encumbrances (arrest, bail, fines, etc.);
  • identity cards of all homeowners;
  • registration certificate and extract from the registration sheet of the legal cadastre;
  • the consent of the spouse for the sale of the apartment is notarized, if the owner of the apartment is not married – then notarization that the owner of the apartment is not married;
  • birth certificates of minor property owners;
  • a certificate from a medical institution on the state of mental health of the seller, if he is a very elderly person or there is reason to doubt his mental health;
  • permission of the guardianship and guardianship authorities, if the owner of a share in an apartment or an apartment is completely underage, disabled or incompetent.
  • Evaluate the apartment from the entrance. Remove unnecessary things, free up space, visually expand the rooms, remove unnecessary unpleasant odours, and make at least a small cosmetic repair.

sell a house Attracting buyers: placing an ad

– in the media

If newspapers with real estate ads are still popular in your city, place your ad in them too. After the release of newspapers – check if your phone numbers are spelt correctly, then do not forget to renew the posting. In small towns, placing ads on local television channels a “scrolling line” or “business notepad”, etc also works well.

– in the Internet

And so for large cities, the time for advertisements in newspapers has passed. To quickly sell your apartment or house, you must place an ad on the Internet.