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Why buy a new build home?

sell your house

Are you planning to sell an inherited house to https://www.greihousebuyers.com/we-buy-houses-oregon/ and then buy a new build home? If yes, you made the right decision. Because homes constructed with the assistance of contractors carry a variety of benefits as listed below.

Brand new

  • Blank canvas
  • Design customization
  • Direct purchase
  • Guarantee
  • Latest standards

Brand new: The product is fresh means no one has used it before, unlike an inherited property. You don’t have to adjust with second-hand appliances, shower heads, and other home tools. There is no need to spend money on cleaning services as the residence is well-maintained until its owner finds it.

Blank canvas: The dwelling is empty until residents occupy it. It means you can decorate the house as per your wish. You can add furniture and other design elements as you desire. It is like plain paper ready to be colored. Use your creativity and transform it into a unique piece.

Design customization: Some of the contractors of new build homes allow buyers to interfere and make changes in the design of their property. You can change the positions of certain fixtures and fittings. You will be allowed to select tiles and other materials, and tools to match the surfaces and appliances of your asset.

Direct purchase: As the contractor directly deals with the potential buyers, there is no participation of third parties to loot money in the name of commissions.

Guarantee: Some houses are given a guarantee period means you will not come across damages in your residence until the completion of a specified period. This feature is generally offered by housebuilding insurance companies.

Latest standards: The security system will be installed as per the latest standards in the market. Integrated fire doors, smoke alarms, and other safety measures will be provided along with the residence.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that buying newly built homes will allow an individual to set up furniture, design certain aspects, enjoy a fresh experience, and middlemen-free purchases. The purchasers also get to live in a guaranteed dwelling with advanced security features.