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What Leaders Need to Know About Communication?


Communicating effectively is described as a two-way street.Leaders have a much more complex communication process, and they should know a lot more than how to send and receive messages.Effective communication is one of the most essential skills a leader should possess.In terms of communication for leadership, it’s important to remember along with the Transaktionsanalyse:

1 – It’s important to be authentic.

Your actions should reflect your honesty and sincerity.Let your Kommunikation reflect who you are, where you come from, and what you value. Quit using corporate jargon and sounding like someone you are not.The world is looking for, respecting, and following authentic leadership, so let’s change the focus from eloquence to authenticity. Don’t hide who you are. The people won’t follow someone who isn’t themselves.


2 – Visual communication is a form of visibility.

Being out there consistently and predictably shows that you’re a leader. Don’t be out of sight. No one wants to know the type of leader who communicates only with their email and official correspondence. Be present, visible, and available.Find ways to interact with all of your stakeholder groups, even and especially when communicating during crisis situations. People need to see and feel who you are before they can feel attached to your mission.

3 – A powerful skill is listening.

Active listening is key to developing trust, respect, openness, and alignment. A good communicator is also a great listener. By listening well, you acquire a clear understanding of another’s perspective and understanding of their knowledge.Give people the chance to express their concerns. Ask powerful questions that allow you to better understand what people feel and what they think. And pay close, respectful attention to whatever you hear and hear what you don’t.