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Here’s Why for A Select Few, Oral Supplements Didn’t Work


Regarding oral vitamins, the levels of digestion can be minimal. After being ingested, this vitamin must pass through the stomach and organs before reaching the bloodstream, where it will be absorbed by the organism. The remaining minerals travel to the hepatic, where they are decomposed before they remaining is released into the blood. Other vitamins are lost by intestinal elimination. This indicates that just a portion of the nutrients few people were able to enter his bloodstream and be employed by his body. The Very First by There is the name given to this phenomenon.

However, when people used nutrient patches, those skin-applied minerals entered into the system faster quickly. Additionally, vitamin Patchworks release their chemicals gradually over an eight-hour window. So the body can more easily absorb such a steady stream of vitamins than it can a single huge oral dose. This occurs because certain micronutrients cannot be stored by us; therefore, what can’t be employed right away is destroyed. The one and the only method to tell if you’re washing the majority of your B vitamin out after ingesting them is to glance at the bright yellow pee.


The Technology for Topical Patches in layers 

 Backing Layer: This layer is specifically made to efficiently offer mechanical stability for the patch to be used all day and night, even with vigorous activity.

Using Nano direct technology: The non-linear and nonlawyer releases nutrition gradually all day and all night.

Contact Layers: The patch can be applied to any part of the body and will remain firmly in place both during the day and night thanks to the Touch Layer’s unique, all-natural stickiness.